Set Your Goals To Win

It is important to know what are our goals in terms of profit to begin and understand how much we need to win in each operation and the frequency with which we operate. Obviously, it does not say I need to earn $20 a day, thus making two trades a day gain of $10 each I fulfill my goals. This place is absolutely out. You must enter here the losing trades!

As a guide we can use our last 40 operations, adding income to obtain the net and to get an idea of whether the benefit meets our objectives. Also here we can assess whether the objectives we have identified are realistic and consistent with our trading methodology.

Prepare enough capital for trading
Without money you can not operate, this is clear. And if this money is not enough you can see to a lack of liquidity that ruins your account. To understand this we refer back to the idea about living the trading account with a small capital. Have enough equity in your account you will be able to operate with sufficient slack to meet your goals and to assume eventual drawdowns without staying penniless and to continue operating and recover when you return to your market and be in tune.

One can not ignore the fact that this money when trading destinies can not, under any circumstance that you need for other important purposes. Think of trading as capital put the money you have prepared for your holiday home next year? That would be crazy, right? Here comes a concept that you should learn very well: venture capital. Venture capital for trading is that you're going to risk (at risk of total loss) and whose total loss is not going to determine your life and, we might add, not afraid to lose (this will free you from high emotional burden that can make hasty decisions and inappropriate).